Three Ways to Reduce Humidity in Your Home or Office


It’s no secret that high humidity levels are a cause of mold and mildew both indoors and outside. Quick growing contaminates bother allergies, but also cause problems that are hard to fix long term. Too much humidity zaps your energy and can even ruin your favorite chair. If your home or office smells of mildew, it’s important to act quickly to prevent costly damage.  

Here are Three Ways to Reduce Humidity in Your Home or Office

Reduce Humidity with a Whole-House Dehumidifier

Did you know you can purchase a whole-house dehumidifier that is ideal for both homes and offices? It connects to your current HVAC system and works by pulling out moist air from the building. The ideal humidity level in a home or office should be around 45%.

Reduce Humidity by Checking Seals on Doors and Windows

Have you looked at the seal on your doors and windows lately? Put your hand along the bottom of your door. If you feel air movement, then chances are high that your seal is no longer working well. This is common in older homes but is easily fixed. Replacing your windows and doors can ensure the humidity remains at a sale level while also lowering your heating and cooling bill.

Reduce Humidity with Regular Maintenance to Your HVAC System

We often speak about regular maintenance to your HVAC system because it makes such a huge impact. You don’t want you to have to replace your HVAC system due to lack of maintenance. An HVAC technician will find leaking ductwork which lets humidity (and mold and mildew) enter your entire system. An annual inspection from an HVAC technician will help prevent these types of major issues and recommend cost-effective solutions.  

If you are still having a hard time reducing the humidity in your home or office it’s time to call in the experts. Ball Building Services in Tampa, FL will inspect your building and recommend a solution to reduce humidity quickly. Give us a call to schedule your appointment and learn more.