Spring Clean Your HVAC System

Spring is almost here! There are a few weeks when Tampa, Florida residents can keep their windows open and then it will be time to turn on the AC to keep homes and offices comfortable. This is the perfect time to schedule your HVAC system for a tune-up. HVAC system cleaning is an important part of routine preventative maintenance for both commercial and residential units.

A professional spring cleaning of your HVAC system can help reduce allergies and illness. It can also keep your system running efficiently longer saving you money on your utility bills and unexpected system repairs.

What happens when you spring clean your HVAC system?

HVAC System Cleaning

Over time your unit will collect dirt and debris. The grime can clog parts as it builds and reduces efficiency. An HVAC system that isn’t running at full capacity needs to work harder to maintain the desired temperature, causing your utility bills to rise and parts to wear out more quickly.

At Ball Building our AC Tune-Up Includes:

  •         Full cleaning and inspection of each piece of equipment, including coils, cabinets, and blowers.
  •         Filter replacement.
  •         Lubricating all moving parts, bearings, etc.
  •         Cleaning and clearing of all drain lines.
  •         Checking and recording all operational data, temperatures, pressures, amperages, safety devices, etc.
  •         Comparison of recorded data immediately to manufacturer’s specs to verify units are operating at their peak and efficient performance.
  •         Informing the owner of any deficiencies and, if desired, providing copies of all equipment task sheets.

By reducing the amount of dirt and debris in and around your HVAC system you will decrease the amount that enters your home. Less dust in your home will reduce allergy flare-ups.

HVAC System Repair

When spring cleaning your HVAC unit our contractors may discover parts that are wearing out. We will explain any repairs we think are necessary and check to see what your warranty covers. Identifying parts that are wearing out before they break reduces surprises resulting in required emergency calls. It may also prevent larger issues from developing depending on the part.

Summer is coming, and the last thing you want to deal with is a broken air conditioner in the middle of July. Contact Ball Building Services and schedule a time for your HVAC spring cleaning to reduce stress and expense down the road. Ball Building Services is available to spring clean your residential or commercial HVAC system in the Tampa Bay, FL area and Central, FL.