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Smart Home Product Comparison


If you grew up in the 1960s, you probably remember the Jetson family. Each episode featured technology and a robot that took care of household duties. Although robots that look like people aren’t in most homes, there are many types of technology to make your regular, standard house, a smart home. There are numerous products on the market from companies like Nest, Ring, and Google to add security, save on your utility bills; and create an entertainment experience your friends won’t forget.

Here are Some of Our Favorite SMART Tech Options for Your Tampa, FL Home

Smart Homes Need a Smart Thermostat

It’s likely that at least one of your neighbors has a smart thermostat, such as the Nest thermostat. The third generation is integrated with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice commands. Unlike early programmable thermostats, a child can turn the dial and bump the temperature up. A smart thermostat saves money because it picks up on your usage patterns and you control it from your mobile device.

Smart Homes Need Google Smart Home Products

Want to go really high tech in your home? Consider Google smart home products. Whether you want a home speaker with an assistant, light dimmers with a hub, or a wifi smart light, you have many options. Why race around the house turning off the lights and speaker when you can control it all from one location? Worried you forgot to turn off the lights rushing out of the house? Not anymore! Take care of energy savings on the run.

Smart Homes Need Doorbells and Security

Long gone are the days of hitting someone’s doorbell. Your neighbors with smart homes in Tampa, Florida knew you are coming before you walked up to their door. The Ring doorbell triggers a notification on their phone and shows the security camera. Yes, you can start teaching your kids to check your phone before they answer the door. You will know exactly when someone delivered a package or your friend’s daughter came to sell Girl Scout cookies.

Smart technologies are both a nice convenience for busy families and also excellent tools to help you reduce energy costs throughout your home. Ball Building Services serves the Greater Tampa Florida area installing all SMART technologies. Contact us to set up a consultation to learn all the ways your family will benefit from SMART technology installation.