Warning Signs That it’s Time to Replace Your Heating System


It’s tempting to think that your HVAC can last forever and that you can forget about it while it continues doing its job. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Just like all other home systems and appliances, your HVAC system will eventually stop working at peak efficiency. Here are five warning signs that it’s time to replace your heating system.

It’s making strange noises, and you can’t determine the cause.

Is your unit making a lot of noise for no discernible reason? This could mean many things, including that your heating system is the wrong size for the space it’s supposed to regulate. Sometimes in older homes, an upgrade in energy-efficient windows and doors can seal up an area so much a smaller HVAC system is needed.

Many homeowners buy the most powerful HVAC unit possible thinking that bigger means better. If your unit is too big for the space it may run less efficiently. On the opposite end of the spectrum, homeowners with space concerns often buy a unit that is simply too small and has to work overtime to keep up. Whether it’s failing or it’s just the wrong fit, the solution is to replace it.

Your heating system produces a strange odor.

Sometimes an HVAC system can produce a foul odor, especially when it is put to use for the first time in a few months. Parts can wear down over time. A strange odor can be a sign that a mechanical or electrical component is in need of replacement.

It requires frequent, costly repairs.

If you’re regularly dropping hundreds of dollars on repairs for your unit, it doesn’t make sense to keep it around. Put the money you would spend on fixing your old unit towards a new heating system instead. Not only will you save money on repairs you’ll also benefit from the increased energy efficiency of a newer model.

Your heating costs keep rising.

If you are noticing an upward trend on your energy bill and there are no obvious problems with your heating system, it’s probably time to replace it. As heating systems age they get less efficient, and there’s not much you can do about it except installing a new one. The upfront cost of replacement is minor compared to the cost of running an old, inefficient heating system for a few years.

The SEER ratings of HVAC units are continually increasing as companies release better HVAC models. That doesn’t mean you should replace your heating system every year, but in general, if your unit is very old (more than 10 years or so) you could end up saving money in the long run by switching to a newer model

You just aren’t comfortable anymore.

Sometimes you have to listen to your body. If you notice that you are no longer comfortable in your home, maybe the air is too dry, or it takes to long to warm up on a particularly cold day, you should replace your heating system. The primary purpose of your heating system is to keep you comfortable, and the bottom line is that if you’re uncomfortable, it isn’t doing its job.

Replace Your Heating System

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