Selecting a Commercial HVAC Contractor in Tampa, Florida? Look for These 5 Things

Depending on how old your HVAC system is, you may be looking to replace it with a newer, more up-to-date model. To get the best deal, you will need to find the best contractor for the job.

Here are the 5 things you need to look for in a commercial HVAC contractor in Tampa, Florida:

Proper Certificates

You must only work with a company that has been fully licensed and insured against possible damages. The company should be able to show you all the proper certificates and documentation confirming that they are legally allowed to provide HVAC services and will be able to offer insurance in case of an accident. Make sure the company adheres to all the rules of your state while working on your system in order to avoid legal complications in the future.

Response Time

You want a company that responds quickly and efficiently. The company should be aware of the latest designs in the market that would best meet your needs, and how to install the system in the least amount of time. The HVAC equipment they provide must be thoroughly tested before installation. Hiring a local business for the job will ensure any future problems can be attended to promptly by the business instead of having to wait for company workers from another state to respond to your calls.

Special Offers

The best HVAC contractors offer a full suite of services for every new installation. An ongoing service contract with the contractor will also help run the system better, and reduce bills. Also, be sure to ask if the contractor can furnish some rebates for installing efficient equipment to bring down maintenance costs.

Written Estimates

Do not be hesitant in asking for written estimates and bids before offering the job to a company. If they have enough experience, this will be an easy request to fulfill. You will then be able to establish reasonable expectations from the transaction and get your money’s worth. If the company refuses to offer estimates and insists on an on-site inspection first, you would do better to keep looking for a better prospect.

Recent Projects

Since the installation of a commercial HVAC system is a complex task, you need to make sure the company is up to the job. Ask the commercial HVAC contractor how long they have been working on commercial systems. If the service provider has been in the game for a long enough time, he will be able to furnish multiple references from other businesses similar to yours. Look through the contractor’s earlier clients to see if any of them had needs like yours. Having references that are more recent will also help prove that they know how to work according to the latest regulations.

Keeping these points in mind while choosing your Tampa, Florida commercial HVAC contractor will allow you get the best deal on your new HVAC system and help complete the transaction at a reasonable rate.

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