Save Money with HVAC Preventative Maintenance

HVAC preventative maintenance will keep your heating ventilation and air conditioning system working at peak performance all year without the cost of major repairs. Maintenance plans are designed to check your residential or commercial HVAC system on a regular basis to ensure that all components are working at maximum efficiency to reduce utility costs. Preventative maintenance will also help to maximize comfort. Catching issues early will help you save money on your HVAC system.

HVAC preventative maintenance includes a check-up and tune-up. The following components are inspected. Parts may be replaced or repaired when necessary:

  • Ductwork
  • Fan motors and blades
  • Filters
  • Electrical connections and thermostat
  • Coils and pumps

These systems need a tune-up much like your vehicles. The ductwork sucks in air and returns it through vents. The vents must stay clean and the ducts must be free of debris. Ducts with a build-up of dust and harmful particulates may have a crack or tear. This may also indicate that filtration is not good.

Small duct leaks can be easily sealed. Filters are easy to change. These are often minor repairs that keep your heat pump or cooling system motor from using more energy than necessary.

An annual inspection is a minimum for a maintenance plan. A semi-annual or seasonal plan is better for catching small problems before they grow into larger issues. Problems can arise year round even with the seasonal use of your HVAC system. Residents of the Tampa area probably use air conditioning more than heating. Both systems use filters and the ducts, regardless of where the thermostat is set.

Air Quality

You want the air in your home to be clean and free of contaminates. This is of major importance in residential and commercial buildings as well.

Commercial buildings need a regular maintenance plan to guarantee that fresh cooled or heated air reaches the right rooms. A clogged condensate pan and drain will make the system work harder to supply freshly cooled air to all areas. A clogged condensate pan and drain are just one of the many frequently occurring problems that can be avoided and easily cleaned with scheduled maintenance. Residential air conditioners also have a condensate pan that needs occasional cleaning.

Routine maintenance will keep the air clean in your home during the summer and winter. This helps with allergies and prevents contagious airborne infections.

Ball Building Services works with residential and commercial buildings in the Tampa area and Central Florida to keep HVAC systems in the best condition. Regular maintenance programs are designed for individual residences and commercial buildings to save energy as well as improve indoor air quality. Contact us to schedule your HVAC inspection.