Reduce Employee Sick Days with One Simple Thing


We all know the unfortunate truth is the average number of sick days increases during the winter. One reason for this is because there is less sunlight. The vitamin D in sunlight increases your immune system and the ultraviolet rays naturally kill germs. The sun is a powerful force that fuels us and protects us!

Thankfully a solution exists to reduce employee sick days. Ultraviolet air purifiers can be installed in homes and businesses in Tampa, FL. Ball Building Services installs these systems frequently.

How an ultraviolet air purifier works and its benefits:

How an Ultraviolet Air Purifier Works

An ultraviolet air purifier is a special light that is installed in your ductwork. As the furnace kicks on it sends air through the purifier and the light kills bacteria. It kills 70 – 85% of the germs in the first pass and continues to kill the germs each time the air passes through. This happens multiple times per hour!

Benefits of an Ultraviolet Air Purifier

  • Kills 70 – 85% of germs in the first pass
  • Germs that are not killed will not be able to reproduce
  • Kills allergens
  • Decreases cleaning time with less dust
  • Reduces unpleasant odors
  • Prevents the spread of bacteria in the air
  • Air is easier to breath

How Germs and Bacteria Travel

There are many ways that harmful bacteria can enter a building. An industrial area may naturally have more pollutants in the air. Buildings in areas that frequently flood often contain mold and mildew spores. The higher number of people in a building also increases the chances of increased bacteria. An ultraviolet air purifier in your Tampa, Florida business will help stop the bacteria before it stops you. Annual maintenance on your HVAC system is also key to preventing germs from spreading.

Are you ready to explore installing an ultraviolet air purifier in your Tampa, FL commercial building? Give us a call at Ball Building Services. Our expert contractors will evaluate your space and discuss all your options to help reduce employee sick days.

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