Why You Should Use an HVAC Contractor to Purchase and Install a New System

A licensed HVAC contractor knows the best cooling and heating system for your home or professional building. Contractors are familiar with the most energy-efficient systems from various manufacturers. They understand the cooling requirements necessary for maximum indoor air quality for each building. 

The cooling and occasional heating systems needed for the Tampa area vary with different types of buildings. A small home needs a system that fits and offers the best energy savings for air conditioning and occasional heating. Newer systems require less maintenance and use less power.

A residential or commercial building with multiple units will require a large HVAC system and regular maintenance for maximum efficiency. All units, large and small, should be installed by professionals familiar with ductwork, electrical requirements, compressors, and condensers.

It may be tempting to purchase your own HVAC unit and install it yourself because of a perceived cost savings. However, by purchasing your own equipment, you void all manufacturer’s warranties. The price you will pay to a contractor is not that much more than you would pay off the shelf. And, you’ll have peace of mind that the equipment was installed properly and will work most efficiently while complying with the terms of the warranty.


HVAC installation requires a thorough knowledge of duct systems. The ducts carry the cooled air to the vents where it enters the rooms. Ducts must be the right size for the building. Some ducts need sections replaced or modified for maximum efficiency. Completely new ducts may be necessary to work with a modern system.

An HVAC contractor who installs systems must be familiar with all of the connections to the motor and fan elements that send air through the ducts. The proper placement of the compressor unit and the connections leading into the building are most important for efficient operation. Your HVAC system is controlled by the thermostat that must be connected properly. You may be replacing and old system with a new one with different electrical connections. 

Ductless mini-splits and UV filtering systems also require special knowledge and training. The installer must be certified by the manufacturer and receive additional on-the-job training to be licensed and bonded to work on most HVAC systems.

Furnaces are necessary to keep buildings warm during parts of the winter season in Tampa and Central Florida. A furnace is separate from the air conditioner and it should also be installed by a professional. An old heating system can be dangerous and it should be repaired or replaced before winter.

A proper installation can save time and money if a repair is needed as well as ensure the purchased units are working at the most efficient level at which they are built to work.

HVAC Contractor Certifications

Ball Building Services is a licensed and bonded HVAC Contractor with extensive training and experience with system installations. Our technicians have been trained and certified by major manufacturers of air conditioning and heating systems. We are specialists in duct modification and air conditioning for all types of buildings.

We serve the Tampa Bay area and Central Florida with fast, reliable service. We can give you a price estimate on a new air conditioner or heating system from major manufacturers who guarantee their products. Maintenance programs are also available for commercial properties. Contact us today for an appointment.