Signs Your Building’s HVAC System Requires Repair


The operating cost for a commercial HVAC system is often one of the largest monthly expenses for a business. This increases drastically if your HVAC system isn’t running efficiently or requires costly maintenance. Chances are warning signs to happen before a major break down. Ball Building Services handles emergency calls from businesses frequently and wants to help you avoid costly repairs. Here are six of signs that you need commercial HVAC repair in Tampa, Florida.

Signs for Commercial HVAC Repair in FL

Your Thermostat is Not Reaching the Temperature You Set

What’s worse than turning on the heat and finding out too late that it’s not working? Your thermostat is a huge indicator of how well your HVAC system is working, so it should be your first clue.

The Airflow through Vents is Minimal

Reduction in airflow is a sign of a blockage. It could be something small or system-wide. Maybe the air filters are clogged or a foreign object is blocking a section of the vent. There are numerous reasons and all point to calling your HVAC technician.

Your HVAC System Sounds Like a Boom Box

Every HVAC system makes different sounds, but unusually loud and unfamiliar sounds are an indication that something is out of place. If your HVAC system sounds odd turn it off immediately and calls a professional. Continuing to run the unit may cause more damage.

Extra High Operating Costs

You may not realize how often your HVAC system is turning on throughout the day, but fortunately, your monthly utility bill does. If your bill seems higher than usual for that time of year it could be due to your system running longer than normal without regulating the room temperature.

Too Much Condensation or Humidity

Some condensation is normal for your AC, but an unusual amount is a sign of a larger problem. The same is true of humidity levels. If it feels more humid than normal, then something within your HVAC is amiss.

Unusual Odors

Pay attention to any awful and nose-scrunch-worthy odors. Leaking R-22, mildew, mold, or a dead animal are hard odors to miss and impossible to work through, but also consider investigating a burning or smoky smell. An HVAC technician will be able to quickly identify the odor and cause.

If your commercial property in Tampa, FL has an HVAC system that requires repair, contact Ball Building Services. Our contractors are all licensed. We will conduct a thorough inspection of your equipment and recommend the best plan of action to keep your tenants toasty warm all winter long. Call us today to learn more.