Avoid Surprise Expenses with Preventative HVAC Maintenance 

Florida has experienced some drastic weather this year! Unpredictable weather often leads to surprise utility bills. The only thing that can top this frustration is when you need to heat or cool your home, and your HVAC system won’t work. The easiest way to avoid costly surprises with your HVAC system is to schedule preventative maintenance.

What is Preventative HVAC Maintenance?

There are many working parts to an HVAC system, and as things age, they wear out. Having your system checked for proper heating or cooling performance will ensure your unit runs at its optimal level for as long as possible.

A professional HVAC service technician will take the time to check every aspect of your system. They will clean away any debris that has built up. Your tech will also inform you of any trouble spots they discover so you can figure out a plan to have things fixed before they require an emergency repair.

Gas Furnaces

It’s imperative to have your gas furnace checked for decay and rust so that household occupants aren’t in danger of carbon monoxide. This is also a risk with commercial systems.

Preventative maintenance on a gas furnace also includes:

  • Dirt and debris clean up
  • Parts inspection including coil, fan, and belts
  • Checking the electrical wiring
  • The pressure of the system
  • Checking air ducts for leaks
  • Checking the refrigerant levels and adding more if needed

A/C Maintenance

Preventative maintenance will also help you save money through the summer. Taking time to have a scheduled A/C tune-up will reduce surprise expenses and increase the lifespan of your system. It will also improve air quality. Replacing the air filter will help reduce dirt build-up and catch unwanted debris before it enters your home.

At Ball Building Services we like to say just like your car needs an oil change every 3,000 miles your HVAC unit needs an annual tune-up to keep running efficiently as well. An air conditioner that is running at its most efficient capacity will keep your space cooler using less energy, which means lower utility bills.

At Ball Building Services we’re fully licensed and insured, and we’re certified by the EPA. We service all makes and models of HVAC units, and we’ll gladly offer free written estimates for our work. We’re an environmentally conscious company, and we recycle all ozone-depleting refrigerants that result from a repair. We service Tampa, FL and surrounding Central FL areas. Contact us today to schedule your HVAC preventative maintenance service and avoid costly surprises.